The Art of Travel

Dominica – The Art of Travel

The first guide of our collection! Elegant, concise and original. Another way to travel and prepare for your trip. Illustrated with texts by famous authors or travellers, original artworks, it also offers a rigorous selection of activities, accommodation and places, off the beaten tracks. It is complemented by a very practical virtual guide based on personalized Google services.

To be published by (S)ditions in 2024

Islands around Marseille & the world, par Didier Deleglise

A love story with islands that has been lasting for nearly four decades. An island addiction without remission. Islands around Marseille, Les Goudes : Maïre ​​island, Tiboulen, Riou, or not very far, If & Frioul., or distant Islands , in the Caribbean, Dominica, Cuba, Dominican Republic or off Morocco in Lanzarotte. Always a pencil, pen or brush in hand.

(c) 2023 – 80 pages – To be published by (S)editions


Marseilles, by Didier Deléglise

MarseilleS, a collection of naively sketches by Didier Deléglise. We stroll through Marseille’s singular districts: the cornice, the Goudes, Callelongue, the old port, malmousque…

60 pages 15€
(c) 2005 Atlande édition

Chicago en VO, par Didier Deleglise

Discover Chicago in the company of the writers who have traveled it. Chicago en v.o. invites you to wander the streets of the city and the pages of the works dedicated to it. Through the voice of Obama, that of Steinbeck on Route 66, Oprah Winfrey on CBS or even Simone de Beauvoir, in love with the city.

(c) 2022 Editions Atlande – 250 pages – 15€